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- Fanfic - Double Vision

Title: Double Vision
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Genre: Angst
Pairings: none
Characters: Kaiba, Yugi, Yami
Warning:  random attempt at (mis)interpreting the Egyptian belief on the ka and ba of souls.
Summary: Weeks after the Ceremonial Battle, Kaiba is plagued with dreams of his past life. Against his better judgment, he visits Yugi with the intent of confirming his suspicions about Pharaoh Atem.

I was initially set on writing a pure Kaiba-Yugi interaction piece, but Yami simply refused to be left out of the scene. So he stays and occasionally steals the spotlight. Gah.

In the canon, one on one interaction between Kaiba and Yugi is astonishingly rare for quite a few reasons. Yami is the "Yugi" that Kaiba usually comes into contact with - not that Kaiba usually bother to differentiate between the two Yugis anyway. Except for the Ceremonial Duel part. But then he is too busy grabbing Yugi's shirt and demanding the right to duel Yami or commenting dramatically on Yugi victory over the God cards to actually talk to him. All this without taking into account how little they have in common and the usual circumstances when they work together (major soul-threatening virtual games this day, the world facing eternal darkness on another)

So, here goes. And a further reference to my favourite ka-ba idea.

To say Yami was surprised to see Kaiba – of all people – in his house, sitting on his couch and talking to his aibou when he returned would be the understatement of the year.  )


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