A. E. Stover (aestover) wrote in ygo_writers,
A. E. Stover

Blue Boy [1/1]

Title: Blue Boy
Style: Literary Fiction; Short Story
Genre: Horror
Rating: T
Character(s): Ishtar Malik, Bakura Ryou
Word Count: 5137
Summary: AU—Living above him was the Blue Boy, a reclusive man of twenty-four. It is said that he stays in his blue world, eating and wearing nothing but blue, and that all who enter his blue world are never seen again.
Warning(s)/Note(s): Some freaky supernatural stuff and other horror-related things happen. Go figure. Malik may be OOC, as I have no idea how to handle his character. I'm not used to him stripped of his Yami, so forgive me. OTL
Links: FF | LJ

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