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Here Be Monsters; Chapter One

Title: Here Be Monsters; Chapter One
Author/Artist: Inkapability
Rating: Overall story will be rated T. This chapter rated PG.
Focus Character(s): Yuugi and Honda
Paring(s): Implied YY/Y. May or may not end up being Y/H or Y/YY/H
Warnings: Overall story will contain violence, gore and possibly depictions of consensual relationships between two or more males.
Chapter Warnings: None.
Summary: Yuugi and Honda found themselves with two tickets to a haunted house, with a grand prize waiting for whoever can make it too the top floor. Seemed easy enough, but at what point do the menaces stop being harmless fun, and start to become real?

In this chapter, Yuugi has a crush! Honda is sarcastic! Dark Yuugi watches porn! They finally make it to the Haunted House! And people argue over games!

Here Be Monsters; Chapter One
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