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Whole bunch of fics on FFN

I was a busy girl ... inasmuch as I wrote them but forgot to post them here. sory about that. All these plus my older works are available here.

Author: Scribbler ( obabscribbler)
Canon: YGO Original Series

The Price of Fame is Not Tax Deductible
[One Shot.] Anzu sometimes wonders what it would be like to be fought over instead of fighting over someone else. It's her against Yuugi's Duel Monsters fans, and this is a far tougher battle than any magical megalomaniac waving a pack of cards. [Humour. Not a parody.]

Handcuffs and Hormones 
[One Shot.] Honda, Jounouchi and Yuugi discuss Anzu's ... 'preferences'. [Humour]

[One Shot.] Yuugi remembered why he didn’t go jogging with Anzu around the time his lungs tried to crawl up his throat and hurl themselves onto the pavement. YuugiAnzu. [Humour/Romance]

Fairy Princess
[One Shot.] In which Anzu exacts a special revenge on Jounouchi for insulting her cooking, while Honda, Yuugi and Yami look on and wince. Cross-dressing, liberal misuse of glitter and one rude word within. [Humour]

[One shot.] The gang grow up, but not everything is as it seems. Life beyond the Millennium Items is chaotic and fast and slow and tearstained and smiling and nothing whatsoever like they imagined. Then Yuugi gets a phone call about a tragedy in New York... [Gen/Angst]
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