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The Lost Game [1/?] (prologue) [07 Jun 2012|05:19am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Author: merigibu (taylor jaden/teeksadophilus)
Summary: After their plane crashes on a strange island, Yugi Muto and his friends find themselves dealing with monsters, as well as foes they have yet to face. They must find out how to escape, before they end up dead, just as the world already presumes.
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: Adventure/Mystery
Characters: Yugi Muto, Atem (The Pharaoh, Dark Yugi) +many more to come.
Warning: This is an alternate universe, multi-chapter fic with possible character death, probable slash, and definite allusions, references, English names, and flashbacks.

Disclaimer: If I owned anything, I wouldn't be here.

Read 'The Lost Game'
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Silent Cinderella (Fanfiction) [30 Nov 2011|02:37pm]

Fandom: YuugiOu
Characters/Ship: Seto and Shizuka +others/Silentshipping
Genre: Romance/Drama. Ongoing
Shizuka wants to get ahead in life. Kaiba just wants to de-stress. Mokuba wants his brother to be happy, and Jou's rather clueless. A tale of a not-so-epic love between Domino's Prince-of-pretty-much-everything and the girl who's rather unsure.

Prologue http://ladyshewolf.livejournal.com/4758.html
Chapter 2 http://ladyshewolf.livejournal.com/4874.html
Chapter 3 http://ladyshewolf.livejournal.com/5369.html
Chapter 4 http://ladyshewolf.livejournal.com/5570.html
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NOTICE [03 Aug 2011|12:38pm]

link to projects here
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The Fairest Ones of All [1/1] [20 Jul 2011|11:45am]
Title: The Fairest Ones of All
Style: Mainstream Fiction; Short Story
Genre: Suspense
Rating: K
Character(s): Isis, Anzu
Word Count: 2913
Summary: AU – There's a girl in Domino city with an impressive collection of dolls. Each of them are beautiful treasures, one of a kind. And every single one of them are alive.
Links: FF | LJ
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Blue Boy [1/1] [08 Jul 2011|09:17pm]
Title: Blue Boy
Style: Literary Fiction; Short Story
Genre: Horror
Rating: T
Character(s): Ishtar Malik, Bakura Ryou
Word Count: 5137
Summary: AU—Living above him was the Blue Boy, a reclusive man of twenty-four. It is said that he stays in his blue world, eating and wearing nothing but blue, and that all who enter his blue world are never seen again.
Warning(s)/Note(s): Some freaky supernatural stuff and other horror-related things happen. Go figure. Malik may be OOC, as I have no idea how to handle his character. I'm not used to him stripped of his Yami, so forgive me. OTL
Links: FF | LJ

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Prelude [19 Jun 2011|11:59pm]
Title: Prelude
Author: A. E. Stover
Series: Duel Monsters
Genre: Friendship; Tragedy
Main Character(s): Kujaku Mai, Jounouchi Katsuya
Summary: [AU] After having to leave her apartment, which was scheduled to be demolished, Mai rents a room in the outskirts of town at an old boarding house owned by a disagreeable middle-aged man. She strikes an unusual friendship with her proprietor's ten-year-old son, who, with his serious problems with abuse, forces her to face the ghosts of her past.
Rating: T
Word Count: 10551
Warning(s): Mentions/Contains rape and abuse
Note(s): This is an AU in which Kujaku Mai is twenty-eight and Jounouchi Katsuya is ten. I don't know the name of Katsuya's father — I don't think it was ever revealed in canon — and I didn't make one up for him because I couldn't find one that suited his character for both canon and fanon works. The other characters are all in different age ranges, and will be appearing, however briefly or vaguely, in the story. Everything is written in the third person (limited), taking on Mai's perspective on things.
Links: FF | LJ
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L'autre... - Chapter 1 [05 Jan 2011|11:32pm]

Title: L'autre...
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Bakura, Bakura Ryou, Atem, Mutou Yuugi, Jounouchi Katsuya, Honda Hiroto
Summary: Bakura gets his own body and ends up living with his former host.
Notes: Anime-verse. There will be Tendershipping in later chapters.

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Cold [22 Dec 2010|10:55pm]

Title: Cold
Rating: G
Characters: Ryou and Hiroto
Summary: Ryou is cold. Hiroto knows he won't leave.
Notes: Written for ygodrabble

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Freed [19 Dec 2010|12:59pm]

Title: Freed
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Rating: PG-13 (Incest)
Characters: Isis
Summary: She inherited her mother's beauty. But she stopped considering it a gift a long time ago.
Notes: Written for ygodrabble

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- Fanfic - Double Vision [19 Sep 2010|10:55pm]

Title: Double Vision
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Genre: Angst
Pairings: none
Characters: Kaiba, Yugi, Yami
Warning:  random attempt at (mis)interpreting the Egyptian belief on the ka and ba of souls.
Summary: Weeks after the Ceremonial Battle, Kaiba is plagued with dreams of his past life. Against his better judgment, he visits Yugi with the intent of confirming his suspicions about Pharaoh Atem.

I was initially set on writing a pure Kaiba-Yugi interaction piece, but Yami simply refused to be left out of the scene. So he stays and occasionally steals the spotlight. Gah.

In the canon, one on one interaction between Kaiba and Yugi is astonishingly rare for quite a few reasons. Yami is the "Yugi" that Kaiba usually comes into contact with - not that Kaiba usually bother to differentiate between the two Yugis anyway. Except for the Ceremonial Duel part. But then he is too busy grabbing Yugi's shirt and demanding the right to duel Yami or commenting dramatically on Yugi victory over the God cards to actually talk to him. All this without taking into account how little they have in common and the usual circumstances when they work together (major soul-threatening virtual games this day, the world facing eternal darkness on another)

So, here goes. And a further reference to my favourite ka-ba idea.

To say Yami was surprised to see Kaiba – of all people – in his house, sitting on his couch and talking to his aibou when he returned would be the understatement of the year.  )


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fic: When Fame Becomes Hazardous [11 Sep 2010|11:00pm]


Title: When Fame Becomes Hazardous
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Genre: Humour
Pairings: fanatic mob --> Yugi
Characters: Yami, Yugi
Warning: may hurt your IQ
Summary: Being the King of Games has its drawbacks, and having obsessed fans snapping at your heels is one of them. Yugi is disturbed to find himself mobbed, and Yami comes up with a foolproof plan.

Notes: Well, this is inspired by "Yu-Gi-Oh! the Movie: Pyramid of Light", where Yugi is mobbed right outside his school, and has to literally run for his life.

And, as semi-usual...a pic to go with the thing:


"According to scientific research, mobs have an aggregate IQ of 80. And these are rabid stalkers we are talking about." )


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fic: The Art of Mediation Ch I [09 Sep 2010|10:16pm]


Title: The Art of Mediation
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Genre: Humour
Pairings: well, none; you may ship Ishizu and Yugi's Kuriboh plushy
Characters: Yami, Yugi, Ishizu, Kaiba
Warning: Yami's general lack of ability to adapt the modern world
Summary: Ishizu couldn't imagine the Pharaoh having a row with the Chosen One; now she was finally treated to the sight. With Yami on a tantrum and Yugi thoroughly frazzled, all Ishizu could think of was that this wasn't included in a tombkeeper's job description

In the canon, Yugi and Yami's relationship is extremely close and harmonious. They never argue with each other, maybe with the exception of the Orichalcos part. But even that scene isn't a true argument - Yugi pretty much owned Yami with his verbal assault (and he doesn't mean to truly blame the darker spirit, either).

Therefore, this fic is born out of the question: what would raise an argument between Yugi and Yami, and how would they go about it? Of course, no one can escape the pharaoh's wrath: Ishizu and Kaiba get pulled (unwillingly) into the picture as well.

And a picture to go with the story...

Chapter I:

"I have come to the understanding that Aibou does not appreciate my interference in any of his affairs. I shall refrain from doing so in the future. After all, he was my host and I do respect his views." The pharaoh glanced up at her, ruby eyes narrowed, and went back to pressing his remote with regal resolution. )

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first of probably a few donations to the fanfic community [08 Jun 2010|09:59pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

A Work of Fiction Pertaining to Yu-Gi-OH! or fan-fiction if you want to be all burgadurg about it

Title: Sometimes I...
Genre: Tragedy/Romance/Generic
Pairings: Yuugi/Yami no Yuugi
Rating: PG
Warnings: None, but I'm cutting it to save your friends pages.

Sometimes I...Collapse )

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[fanfic] Frost King (part 1/1) [10 Jan 2010|01:29pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: Frost King
Status: Complete
Author: Shamise
Genre: (I'm not really sure)
Pairings: (one-sided?) YxYY
Summary: "A desert beauty, trapped in an icy prison."
Warnings: Character death (sort of?) Shonen Ai (if you're looking)
Author Note: Okay, this is just a little four-page thing I thought up driving home from a friend's house the other night. It had snowed and the streetlights were making it really sparkly. Enjoy! (I may possibly add on an epilogue just because of the way it ends.)



"A desert beauty, trapped in an icy prison."Collapse )





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An introduction and a small fic [05 Aug 2009|07:49pm]

Sooo.. I used to write YGO fics forever ago, and then life happened. Now I'm trying to dust myself off and get back into it. I made a new journal, strictly for my fics and I'm in the process of polishing up some of the older ones and reposting them.

 By the way, I'm Ang.

About the fic :    No title just as yet
                            Pharaoh/Imori - Nothing explicit, just implications
                            It's from the first series.


P.S.  It's been forever since I used Lj. I need a refresher course on making lj-cuts that link back to a specific post on my own journal.

P.P.S.  I'm cross-posting, cause...  well that was the point of starting over. Apologies to anyone who sees this more than once.

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What was that fic..? [09 May 2009|04:52am]

[ mood | curious ]

Perhaps you guys 'n gals can help out a fellow fan.

I've been searching for this fanfiction for ages. I read it on ff.net in 2003. It was /of/ Joey and Kaiba, but memory deserts me on whose on whose. There was a focus on one helping the other, or perhaps both back into the bounds of 'normality'. I do have a monologue from Joey's perspective I found quite beautiful, and saved. (Yay for being magpie!)

Under this link...Collapse )

X-posted. Apologies for those of you who see it repeatedly.

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[28 Aug 2008|08:21am]
[ mood | working ]

Title:The Slayer: Chinmoku no Senshi
Author: Kikoken
Summary: “The humans longed for a savior,” he mused, watching the woman kill one vampire after another. “She may be the one to finally defeat me after all.” A dark laugh escaped his lips as he turned away, ignoring the screams of those foolish enough to challenge her blade.
Rating: M
Pairing(s): Hints of Ishizu x Pegasus, and hints of Atem x Shizuka
Feedback: I accept criticism, and good fedback. I am not afraid of feedback for my stories at all. That helps me improve on my writing. I've been very annoyed with reviews lately, only because I'm making a comeback with writing and people barely have interest in my stories anymore. *Please* at least look at my story. Thank you.


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Here Be Monsters; Chapter One [30 May 2008|11:11pm]
Title: Here Be Monsters; Chapter One
Author/Artist: Inkapability
Rating: Overall story will be rated T. This chapter rated PG.
Focus Character(s): Yuugi and Honda
Paring(s): Implied YY/Y. May or may not end up being Y/H or Y/YY/H
Warnings: Overall story will contain violence, gore and possibly depictions of consensual relationships between two or more males.
Chapter Warnings: None.
Summary: Yuugi and Honda found themselves with two tickets to a haunted house, with a grand prize waiting for whoever can make it too the top floor. Seemed easy enough, but at what point do the menaces stop being harmless fun, and start to become real?

In this chapter, Yuugi has a crush! Honda is sarcastic! Dark Yuugi watches porn! They finally make it to the Haunted House! And people argue over games!

Here Be Monsters; Chapter One
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Whole bunch of fics on FFN [17 May 2008|04:28pm]

I was a busy girl ... inasmuch as I wrote them but forgot to post them here. sory about that. All these plus my older works are available here.

Author: Scribbler ( obabscribbler)
Canon: YGO Original Series

The Price of Fame is Not Tax Deductible
[One Shot.] Anzu sometimes wonders what it would be like to be fought over instead of fighting over someone else. It's her against Yuugi's Duel Monsters fans, and this is a far tougher battle than any magical megalomaniac waving a pack of cards. [Humour. Not a parody.]

Handcuffs and Hormones 
[One Shot.] Honda, Jounouchi and Yuugi discuss Anzu's ... 'preferences'. [Humour]

[One Shot.] Yuugi remembered why he didn’t go jogging with Anzu around the time his lungs tried to crawl up his throat and hurl themselves onto the pavement. YuugiAnzu. [Humour/Romance]

Fairy Princess
[One Shot.] In which Anzu exacts a special revenge on Jounouchi for insulting her cooking, while Honda, Yuugi and Yami look on and wince. Cross-dressing, liberal misuse of glitter and one rude word within. [Humour]

[One shot.] The gang grow up, but not everything is as it seems. Life beyond the Millennium Items is chaotic and fast and slow and tearstained and smiling and nothing whatsoever like they imagined. Then Yuugi gets a phone call about a tragedy in New York... [Gen/Angst]
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Variation on a Theme Continuity fic-list [15 Mar 2008|10:00am]

Variant-verse is an alternative universe in which one decision Yuugi made as a child changed the course of canon forever. Sometimes tiny choices create the biggest impact and while the alternative isn't always better, sometimes, against all expectations, it generates bonds and allows second chances nobody would've expected.

Variation on a Theme 
[Five chapters; complete] When Yuugi was ten, he gave away something to cement a friendship: The Millennium Puzzle. But the safety of the world needs the Puzzle solved, right? Well, yes. Yuugi's friend Anzu didn't realise what kind of gift she was accepting. 

Nothing Much in Particular by </a></font></b></a>yma2
[one shot] In which Yuugi and Yami-in-Anzu's-body stay up late at night with a jar of honey doing nothing much in particular [written as an extra scene that takes place during Variation on a Theme].

[one shot] Anzu's soul has vanished into the ether, but getting it back means first overcoming how losing her has changed the group. [Missing scenes from Chapter 5 of Variation on a Theme].

It Only Hurts When I Breathe 
[Three chapters; complete] After Doma, Valon convinces a reluctant Mai to go for coffee with him. Just a coffee, he promises. No strings. Easier said than done considering how she dislikes him. Plus, someone's out to kill them for their part in Dartz's defeat. Awkward moments ahoy!

Hand of Friendship 
[one shot] A post-Egypt spin off. Anzu, with Yami in tow, makes a new friend in New York. [Crossover with X Men: Evolution]

Fish Out of Troubled Water 
[one shot] Anzu's bringing a friend home from America for Christmas. However, a quiet holiay's more complicated with a grumpy dead Pharaoh and the world's most famous mutant teenager. [X Men: Evolution crossover].

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